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Hustler Rejects Magazine 1977
Volume 1 Issue # 1 Number 1


1 Patricia
by Suze Randall
2 Marsha
by James Baes
3 Melinda
Suze Randall
4 Gail
by James Baes
5 Alex
by Suze Randall
6 Sparky
by Clive McLean
7 Sara
by Bob Veze
8 Bucky
by Bob Veze
9 Gardenia
by Clive McLean
10 Joey
by Clive McLean
11 Sandra
by Bob Veze
12 Pam
by Suze Randall
13 Janet
by Diana Hardy

In three short years HUSTLER has become the third largest men's magazine in the world, and we'd like to believe part of its fast rise can be attributed to the girl features—the most open in the business. During that period we have also accumulated a backlog of near-Honeys who've never appeared in the magazine because they didn't meet up to Larry Flynt's demanding standards. But since the standards are so high, even our rejects are better than 99 percent of the women you'll see in most men's magazines. We felt it a shame to hog all this pink and decided to display some of our superior castoffs in this unique edition entitled HUSTLER REJECTS.
The photo layouts you ogle in HUSTLER Magazine are actually the end product of a long and complicated process, during which problems can occur, causing a photo set to be rejected. Usually, most of the women are prescreened: They're selected after test shots and in-depth interviews. Most of the models have our Good HUSTLER Seal of Approval, although some unattractive women have been photographed in the hopes that we'd get some usable shots. (Sometimes we simply want to make every woman's dream come true.)
Yet there are many things that can go wrong with a shooting. After a model spends a few days at the Florida mansion where she toasts her white spots, the photographer shoots several hundred photos of her. Occasionally, in her zeal to even out her tan, a model will sunburn herself so badly she makes for a better Solarcaine advertisement than a HUSTLER girl feature. Even the photographer has been known to be the cause of a faulty girl-set. For example, whenever Larry rejects a set done by Suze Randall, one of the top photographers in the country, he likes to quip: "Suze must have been on the rag when she did this shooting."
Very often a model whose set has been rejected has such a tight schedule she can't be reshot. When this happens, our hunchbacked photo editor just shrugs his only shoulder and files the set away. He can also be heard mumbling incoherently as he goes through each girl-set looking for shoddily constructed settings or disheveled costumes. One of the reasons, for example, that Sparky (girl 6 in this book) was rejected was because her rumpled jumpsuit detracted from her erotic contortionist poses. It's HUSTLER-style to be perfect!
Finally, the edited photo-set is put through the acid test: the Larry Flynt Hour. Larry looks over each candidate with the air of a man who suspects the dealer of cheating him at cards. "Who put this picture here?" No one answers him, and then suddenly everyone is trying to explain: "Well, ah, heh-heh, we thought the racoon draped over the model's knee was kinda cute. It gives the photo-set a Disney flavor." The comments die under Larry's stare and the photo is replaced with a better one or the entire set is rejected.
So, it's easy to see that a girl feature can get rejected for hundreds of reasons, most of which (but not all) have nothing to do with a woman's beauty. Regardless, if you know what to expect from HUSTLER, you'll know what to expect from HUSTLER REJECTS. No Vaseline-smeared camera lenses or airbrushed women—just the hottest and most accessible girls in the world from the magazine "For the Rest of the World."

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